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The power of Hypnosis is more believable than you think. Doctors, Psychiatrists, Police Officers and even the biggest professional sports teams in the world routinely use hypnosis to help people and you can too.

I am a skeptic, so believe me when I say that two years ago, I would have ignored the previous sentences as a bunch of hippy hooey. I would have said that hypnosis is a fad, a trick, and a bunch of BS. I would never have believed that I could help save my son just using the power of hypnosis, but I learnt that being a skeptic isn't always the best way to see the world...

When he was two and a half, Garret started the process of growing from an infant into a little boy. The major achievement in this process was the ability for him to go to the bathroom on his own. At that point my wife and I shared a glass of wine, celebrating the fact that we no longer had to change any more diapers.

Our joy lasted just a few years. When he was eight, Garret started wetting his bed.

At first the bed wetting was just a once in a while occurrence. Both my wife and I knew that bed wetting is generally a self-esteem issue, so we tried to be as supportive as possible.

As an only child, Garret had our full attention, but even so, we felt we weren't equipped to help him. As parents we felt powerless.

As time went on, Garret's bed wetting grew worse. Although it started slowly, after just a couple of months, the problem grew much worse. Garret was wetting his bed almost every night and waking up in a panic.

Garret's bed wetting affected his entire life. As his bed wetting got worse, he started getting nervous around other kids and started playing almost exclusively by himself. His grades dropped and his entire personality seemed to change. He was barely the same playful, happy child he was just a few months prior.

His mother and I were heartbroken. As caring parents, we wanted to help him, but we didn't know what to do.

We took him to doctors and specialists and they all said the same thing, that there was little we could do. Some doctors recommended rewarding Garret for sleeping through the night, but he wasn't doing it on purpose, so the rewards had no effect. Other specialists recommended acupuncture, but I couldn't imagine putting Garret through such a risky alternative treatment that had no guarantee of success. We knew there must be a safe, effective way to cure him, we just needed to continue looking.

Meanwhile, Garret's condition was getting worse. Not only was he still wetting his bed with regularity, his grades were dropping and his social skills were diminishing, but we were planning to send Garret away to summer camp in a few months. We had already paid for the summer and we really wanted to get Garret back on a healthy path to a normal childhood.

Garret was already missing out on countless sleepover parties and we really didn't want him to sit home all summer thinking of the fun he could have been having if only he could control his bladder. The guilt and regret would surely eat him alive.

I knew there was a cure out there for him and I decided to do everything short of sticking a few hundred needles all over his body to find it.

In my research I came upon a treatment which looked safe, effective and risk free.

I read about how hypnosis could be a very worthwhile treatment for children who chronically wet their bed so I explored this option a little bit more.

Although I was skeptical on the idea of hypnosis, I was desperate for something to work. The more I read on the subject, the more I became convince that hypnosis might very be the best way to cure Garret. The procedure was quick, it had a very high success rate and best of all, it didn't include any needles at all.

I talked to my wife and she had the same skepticism as I did. Despite our unease at using an 'alternative' treatment, we decided to ask one of the specialists what she thought of using hypnosis to treat Garret's bed wetting.

Much to my delight, the specialist highly recommended that we try it. She said that hypnosis was becoming a standard medicinal tool and that because it works fast, is completely painless and is easy to administer it , it is becoming the standard treatment regiment for a whole host of different problems.

That was all we needed to hear, we asked the specialist to start Garret on a hypnosis treatment course immediately.

It was then that the specialist said something that completely shocked me. She told us that she could perform the hypnosis on Garret, but that it would be much more effective if I learnt how to do hypnosis and I treated my son on my own.

The specialists said that I could learn the proper hypnosis techniques in just a week and I would then be able to treat be treat Garret. She said that it would be best if I, instead of her or another professional, treated Garret because it would help us form a bond and a level of trust that would be instrumental in treating the problems that Garret was having.

I had a huge smile on my face when I excitedly agreed to learn how to do hypnosis.

I took the one week training course and the results were shocking. I never, ever, not in a million years, thought that I could cure Garret's bed wetting by using hypnosis, but in just two weeks time, that's exactly what happend. With my help, Garret never wet his bed again. He ended up going to summer camp and had a great time. His grades picked up and just a month later, his self-esteem was at an all time high.

I was completely flabbergasted to see the hypnosis work. I really thought that hypnosis was complete bunk, but I was happily surprised that I couldn't have been more wrong.

If I hadn't done it myself, I wouldn't have believed it, but hypnosis is apparently a very power tool and one that is surprisingly easy to learn to do properly.

Since I helped Garret stop wetting his bed, I've successfully helped other people in my life. I helped my neighbor lose 50 pounds, I helped my wife stop smoking and I helped my boss get over his Insomnia. It is a skill that I can't believe I was able to learn in just 1 week.

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Hypnosis is the ancient art of causing a subject to be so relaxed that they are susceptible to your directions. Unlike what most people assume, Hypnotists do not have magical powers or animal magnetism that allow them to trick the people they are trying to hypnotize.

Hypnotism is not something you need to go to school to learn or the type of skill you need an elaborate course to teach you. Hypnosis is an art and as such, it is something that with the proper instructions, you can teach yourself to do.

The medical community has long recognized the healing powers of hypnosis and now you can use those same skills to help those people around you.

Hypnosis is recognized for conditions such as:

Gambling Addiction
Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Panic Attacks
Bed Wetting
Migraine Headaches
Emotional Difficulties

Hypnosis has also been successful in helping people improve their lives in areas such as:

Weight Control
Low Self Esteem
Stress Management

Exam Problems
Sports Performance
Pain Management
Behavior Changes

Hypnosis Is Not Evil!

Because of the ease with which people are treated or even cured by hypnosis, people associate it with the devil, the occult or some other black magic movement.

In truth, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only is hypnosis perfectly safe, legal and moral, but it is an accepted treatment regiment and productivity tool used in many, many different disciplines.

In addition to psychologists who use hypnosis to treat a wide variety of emotional and behavioral issues, police detectives use hypnosis to jog the minds of witnesses, surgeons use hypnosis to manage pain for patients who are allergic to anesthesia, professional sports teams use hypnosis to relax players before big games, even huge corporations find hypnosis useful to prevent mistakes during high stress months.

Hypnosis is a well-respected and safe tool that everyone has the ability to learn to use. If you want to learn how to safely perform hypnosis, this is you chance.

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